The GoodPharmacists Podcast

Match Day 2021 Has Passed, Now What?

Episode Summary

Some people get matched exactly where they hoped, while others are surprised by their placement. It’s no wonder this day is filled with anxiety, as well as excitement and new beginnings. Dr. Madeline Acquilano opens up about her Match Day story.

Episode Notes

You made it! After all of the hard work over the last 4 years in pharmacy school, residency applications, and interviews, you’ve made it. You're just months away from graduating with your Doctorate. I hope you know that that is a huge milestone in itself. Now, you’re ready to start your post-graduate training, hoping to match with your first choice. 

But through this process and throughout your career, you’ll be presented with different opportunities - they may be for what you’ve envisioned for yourself professionally, or for something entirely different, new, and exciting. Perhaps you’ve matched with your first choice in Phase 1, a new opportunity in Phase 2, or you didn’t match at all. And it may seem like this first step in your career is make it or break it, but rest assured, that is not the case.

For one pharmacist, this process gave her a chance to pursue a path that was different from what she originally envisioned, but has resulted in an amazing opportunity that she never would have encountered.

Dr. Madeline Acquilano was a top student at her school of pharmacy. She felt she did everything she needed to land her top residency program. When she didn’t match in Phase 1, she was surprised and upset. She’s now a Clinical Pharmacist at Hartford Hospital where she truly enjoys her job.

Whether you're a pharmacy student or pharmacist know that rejection is redirection! It may lead you to a residency you didn't apply to before, a job you didn't know existed, or down a career path you hadn't fully explored. Dr. Madeline Acquilano  from The Luxe Pharmacist reminds you that there isn't a single path to success and through it all, you'll find what's meant for you!